1. How long does it take to Complete my NVQ?

You can take as long as you need to complete your NVQ.  The time it takes to finish your NVQ is entirely in your hands. If you wish to complete the units  quickly or take your time as long as you gather all the relevant evidence for the qualification you cannot fail an NVQ. If you  don't currently have the right level of competence you simply need to do more work to be so. This all can be discussed at your initial assessment.

2. Are there any written exams?

NVQ's are assessed based on your competence in the role you are currently in. You will provide evidence, in various formats, in order to complete units which each represent parts of the role. Any paperwork can be completed at your own workplace or in your own home.

3. Do I need to pass the CSCS H&S  touch screen test to complete the NVQ?

No. It is not a requirement to have a CSCS H&S test to complete any of the courses. However if you wish to obtain a CSCS Blue or Black card you will need to have completed the CSCS H&S test with two years in the relevant category.